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Ready to start your journey all over again? Moving to a new place calls for an enormous change in life. Leaving behind bitter-sweet memories, the place you spent so much of your life in isn’t so easy to forget about. But this is how life is supposed to be. Never settling, always moving.

It’s fine, though. Shifting to a new place has its own perks. But particularly with moving, the endeavor’s success strongly depends on avoiding mistakes and planning to make the process as smooth as possible.

If you’re also about to move to a new place, keep scrolling down, as this blog will give you a comprehensive guide on some important packing tips and tricks needed for moving to a new house.

Packing Tips And Tricks Needed For Moving To A New House

Start Preparing Ahead Of Time

Shifting to a new place is not about packing your bags and leaving. This incredible change can turn your life upside down. With so many emotions already messing with your head, at least the process of moving shouldn’t be overwhelming. For this, it is ideal to start wrapping up things weeks before you are about to move. Pack all your possessions into sturdy bags and boxes for stress-free storage.

In addition, adopt a ‘less is more’ policy and leave behind the clutter as much as possible. Before starting to pack things, thoroughly inspect and get rid of unused and unnecessary items. This will save you time, but you’ll also have to pack less, carry less, and unpack less in a new place.

Put Heavier Items On The Bottom, Lighter Ones On The Top

Although you will seek helpers to help you with the house-moving process, they are humans and can make mistakes. To avoid any breakage, at least from your side, pack your things smartly. You can start by keeping heavier items on the bottom while the lighter ones are on the top. And if you’re loading the truck yourself, put your heaviest boxes first inside, toward the front of the truck, to maintain balance.

Never Leave Empty Spaces

Never leave empty space in the box so that there’s no room for your items to move or break inside. It doesn’t matter if your container is larger than your items. You can always fill in the gaps with pieces of clothes, towels, or simply packing paper. Even movers don’t move boxes they feel are not tightly packed or are unbalanced in any way.

Take Special Care While Moving Kitchen Items

Packing kitchen items is different from loading other articles as most of them are delicate, i.e., made of glass, while the others are sharp items, such as knives, that you cannot afford to be careless about.

To pack glass items, put cardboard dividers around each, then wrap bundles of five or six layers of paper. Plus, pack dishes on their sides, never flat. Additionally, use plenty of bunched-up paper as padding above and below. Likewise, bowls and cups can be filled inside one another, with paper in between, and wrapped three or four in a bundle.

Don’t Forget To Label

Last but not least, don’t forget to stick label tags on the boxes with the name of items inside the box. You can also give your box numbers and make an inventory list in a small notebook for record-keeping. Labeling and numbering would not just help you in the unpacking but also your movers to know where to keep the box in your new place.

Some Room By Room Additional Tips

Packing a Living Room

From electronics to wall frames and more, follow these tips for safe and secure packing.

  • Remove shades and bulbs from lamps and chandeliers and wrap each of them separately.
  • Have irreplaceable photos or videos with you amid the process because hot weather can affect photo paper.
  • Wrap mirrors or any glass decor using towels or blankets. Place an ‘X’ made of masking tape over the glass to minimize the chances of its break.
  • In case you have the original packing/boxes of your electronics, use them for repacking.

Packing a Bedroom

From clothes to jewelry to furniture, use the following tips for hassle-free moving.

  • Put your hanging clothes directly in boxes.
  • Keep valuable items in a secure case and bring them yourself.
  • Place loose articles in luggage for quick packing.
  • Pack your shoes in their original boxes or all of them in one large container.
  • Cover mattresses and furniture with old sheets and blankets.
  • Place all bedding items in trash bags to keep dust out.

Packing a Bathroom

Here comes the most neglected place of all time. Don’t worry; the following tips can be a fresh start.

  • Pack your bathroom essentials first because they are most forgotten.
  • Ensure toiletries are closed and will not leak in plastic bags.
  • If there are any medications, label them and keep them separately in the box.

Packing a Kitchen

Whether it’s kitchen appliances, crockery items, or cooking utensils, packing them properly can save you spending bucks purchasing new ones. Follow these steps to avoid any mistakes.

  • Dispose of any food items before leaving.
  • Ensure all kitchen appliances (toaster, blender, microwave, etc.) are empty and clean before packing. Wrap their wires in a plastic bag and put them inside the machine, then keep them in their original box (if present) or the other cardboard boxes.
  • Label all delicate items “FRAGILE.”
  • Use bubble wrap to stack smaller dishes and protect them from breaking during the move.

Planning to Move? We’re Here To Help

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